Hardware Infrastructure

HW infrastructure with scalable computing power is what your business needs. As Partners of Dell technologies, VMware, and Oracle, we have it all in top-rated solutions; From computing nodes, processors, to various storage solutions.

Hardware Infrastructure-dell partners in Egypt
Cloud and Virtualization Solutions - ICT Misr Technology - Veritas gold partner

Cloud and Virtualization

Save your space area and hit the Cloud. As a Gold Dell Partner, We bring agile cloud computing and virtualization solutions that help businesses to scale up, without sacrificing time or security.


At ICT Misr, we help our customers address their concerns about critical security challenges in today’s modern IT Infrastructure: Extended Perimeter, Evolving Cyber Attacks, and Data Protection Regulations. We partner with best-in-class security vendors to provide our customers with multi-leveled security solutions that have ultimate capabilities including identity, cybersecurity, and information Protection solutions that effectively help organizations manage risk and achieve compliance.

Security Solutions - ICT Misr Technology - CA Technologies
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Business Continuity Solutions - ICT Misr Technology - Veritas gold partner

Business Continuity

Implement a wide business continuity to protect your business from potential disasters. ICT Misr is a Gold Partner of Veritas, the leader in data protection and disaster recovery technologies.

Data and Information Management

Forget about your data's vulnerability. We provide cutting-edge solutions for your data and information management. Because your business deserves the best, our solutions have it all: Master Data Management (MDM), data quality, and privacy and security solutions.

Data and Information Management Solutions - ICT Misr Technologies
Systems Management - ICT Misr Technology-Incorta partner in Egypt

Systems Management

Take control of all devices on your network. Our Management technology introduces solutions of endpoint monitoring and analytics. It will bring you the peace of mind; Your IT Team can centrally find, provide, deploy, update, and troubleshoot endpoint devices within your network, keeping your system secure against cyberattacks.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Analyzing and reporting big data is big deal. ICT Misr deploys solutions in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Advanced Analytics for data-driven businesses to thrive. From Machine Learning, to HANA and BI Dashboards, our technologies will make your business stand out in the crowd.

Business Intelligence - Advanced Analytics Solutions - ICT Misr Technologies
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