Mostafa Shaker, ICT Misr Managing Director and Co-founder

Mostafa Shaker - ICT Misr - Managing Director

Since he has been in business from a very early age, Mostafa Shaker, ICT Misr Managing Director and Co-founder has been the main driving force behind launching ICT Misr in 2018. Together with Mohamed El-Mofty, they believed that there is still much more to be done in the ICT market in Egypt. Thanks to mutual trust and harmony, they could integrate each other’s ideas for the sake of a larger purpose; that is establishing a local system integrator with global standards.

As a young entrepreneur, his business mindset could overcome all the obstacles that faced ICT Misr at the beginning. This mindset was enhanced by his 12-year information technology experience in local and international ICT providers.


Shaker holds that success-oriented personality that considers every failure a new learning opportunity. ICT Misr team depends on his unique strategic thinking, business tactics and planning skills to realize their vision of ICT Misr as an undisputed leader in system integration, data management and analytics in the near future.