Meet The Team



Mohamed El-Mofty

CEO and Co-Founder
Even though information technology is undoubtedly evolving at lightning speed, Mohamed El-Mofty, ICT Misr CEO and Co-founder, could still embrace all the advancements and developments that took place in that sector through his 20+ years career life.

Mostafa Shaker

Managing Director and Co-Founder
Since he has been in business from a very early age, Mostafa Shaker, ICT Misr Managing Director and Co-founder has been the main driving force behind launching ICT Misr in 2018.

Amr Nour

Sales Director
A young enthusiastic and versatile professional who could move up the ladder of success in a very short time. Amr Nour’s multidisciplinary experience in technical implementations, business development, sales, and pre-sales in the ICT market placed him as the Sales Director in ICT Misr.

Amr Tarek

Chief Technology Officer
No wonder he is known in the Egyptian ICT market as the savior. Amr Tarek, ICT Misr Chief Technology Officer, is considered one-of-a-kind ICT professional. Not only because of his solid technical background in infrastructure (especially UNIX systems), virtualization, and data protection, but also for his round-the-clock support for his business partners.

Osama Salah

Head of Data Management
For him, the client is a success partner not merely a user. That is why Osama Salah, ICT Misr Head of Data Management Business Unit, has that sense of genuine commitment to the clients’ best interest, employing innovative technologies to help transform their businesses.

Omar Ibrahim

Head of Information Security
What is more important than building up a business is securing it. This forward-looking perspective adopted by Omar Ibrahim, ICT Misr Head of Information Security Business Unit, motivated him to break into the field of information security after working in the business administration field for a few years.