Success Story by ICT Misr: Smart IT Solutions for Helwan Fertilizers Company

ICT Misr and Helwan Fertilizers Company: Smart IT Solutions for the Chemical Industry in Egypt

The year 2020 has been full of achievements at ICT Misr. Its team took tangible steps in building
new partnerships and implementing successful projects in both public and private sectors. 

Helwan Fertilizers Company (HFC) is one client of ICT Misr leading the chemical industry of fertilizers in Egypt. With a three-pillar project for data backup, storage, and security, ICT Misr has established with this esteemed client a rapport of trust and a long-standing business relationship; This trinary approach has guaranteed a boost in performance and security, in addition to high availability of data, and seamless computing.

Data vulnerability challenges in the chemical industry

HFC is an Egyptian Shareholding company, leading the fertilizers manufacturing among the chemical industries of the country. Located 40 kilometers away from Cairo in the industrial area, the company is based on over 150,000 meters square. It specializes in the production of urea fertilizers and is planning to add an extra production line similar to the existing one. 

The technical challenge of HFC at its factory was one server being the only source of storing and processing the factory’s data since its foundation. Such a primitive technical system was susceptible to data loss, hacking or deterioration. In addition, the whole system had lacked security covering its data and network. This challenge can threaten the whole fertilizers sector with cyberattacks due to the exposure of huge and sensitive data.

Comprehensive IT approaches saving sensitive data

“Hence, we had to design an alternative hardware infrastructure, which comprises two main servers plus a security firewall for data protection,” says Amr Tarek, ICT Misr Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “As partners of Lenovo and Veritas, we couldn’t find any better choices for data storage and backup at HFC than these two giants.” Furthermore, the devoted team of ICT Misr has reached out to Sophos to bring up the optimal firewall to HFC, ensuring extra data protection and security. This solution can be propagated yet tailored across the chemical sector in Egypt.

The integration process took around three months, from design to installation, enriching the fertilizers sector leader with a smart, comprehensive IT system. “However, we are still following up to apply further developments to enhance the production capacity of HFC factory and help establish their second line,” says the CTO. 

ICT Misr strives to support public and private companies in the chemical industry with the best solutions that can fit to all requirements. From huge enterprises to small and medium businesses, the smart IT solutions provided by ICT Misr are versatile, compatible, and empowering, with an aim of meeting the changing needs across the different industries.

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