Success Story by ICT Misr: Banking IT Solutions for Arab Investment Bank

ICT Misr Implements Banking IT Solutions for Arab Investment Bank


Technology has been evolving rapidly over the last few decades. It has been at the core of every Business Process Reengineering. Not just that, but technology has been also used to leverage a competitive edge. One of the current main industries relying on technology is banks. Banks believed in how technology can be of utmost importance in its advancement especially with the evolution of banking IT solutions. Consecutively, this resulted in a paradigm shift.

In the light of participating in that shift, ICT Misr takes pride in cooperating with Arab Investment Bank as its first banking client. aiBANK was established in 1974 providing all types of banking services. It has more than 30 branches all over the country and it works under the supervision of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). For that to happen, it had to be compliant with the CBE’s regulations by fulfilling a number of factors which we gladly secured.

ICT Misr carried out a bunch of banking IT solutions to specifically address the aiBANK’s business needs. It started with enhancing their production system, Oracle, by applying a set of additional options to their standard database. These additional options included Real Application Clusters (RAC) which helped in binding multiple servers so they can operate as a single one. As a result, high-availability infrastructure was enabled and maximized. Another applied additional option was Disaster Recovery Tiers. This option granted the bank to quickly recover from any upcoming disasters with no disruptions and continue providing its services with no concerns about neither downtime nor malfunctions.

Furthermore, in order to protect the bank’s sensitive data and avoid any data breach, drastic security measures were taken. ICT Misr has implemented a number of security and encryption solutions to preserve aiBank’s clients’ data. These solutions helped the bank be fortified enough towards any data-related threats.

Over and above, ICT Misr signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with aiBANK through which we help the bank focus on its core business activities without any distractions. ICT Misr will not only provide solutions to the bank, but also handle its IT infrastructure, monitor its performance, and tackle all future problems. This resulted in building a rapport with aiBANK and gaining its utter trust.

ICT Misr has embarked on this project with aiBANK and implemented it with success. We studied the bank’s needs, how to address its problems, and how to customize our solutions to properly fit its demands. Thanks to ICT Misr’s reliability and flexibility, aiBANK is now operating at peak efficiency.




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