Success Story by ICT Misr: Comprehensive Backup Solutions for Emirates NBD

ICT Misr Offers Comprehensive Backup Solutions to Emirates NBD


Day after day, technology has been playing a primary role in providing financial institutions with robust services and solutions. On the grounds of that, ICT Misr has been chosen by the leading banking group, Emirates NBD, for implementing future-proof backup solutions. Honoring that distinct privilege, ICT Misr succeeded in tailoring comprehensive backup strategies consistent with the bank’s work environment.

Emirates NBD is the first national bank to be established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s a well reputable financial institution whose presence extended to 13 countries in the MENAT region. With a total of 925 local and global branches and over 57 years of expertise, Emirates NBD managed to be among the top 20 banks in Forbes’s list of world’s best-regarded companies.

It goes without saying that any entity’s security strategies, including but not limited to Emirates NBD, is prone to both natural and man-made disasters. For that reason, Emirates NBD needed a bunch of backup solutions to tackle any system crashes and eliminate impacting system performance and productivity. Moreover, the clients’ data was at stake so this process had to be handled professionally and with utmost care.

In a managed timely manner, ICT Misr secured handpicked solutions to support the bank’s workload and avoid costly downtime. These solutions acted as a plan B in case of data corruption or any storage failure; by getting up and running in mere seconds as if no error occurred. This helped Emirates NBD to maintain its clients’ relationships by saving their information and consistently satisfying them by meeting their expectations.

On top of that, building an archive, which is a very essential advantage, was granted to the bank when adopting such a solution. This can save the bank from any future disaster ramifications which can lead to starting from scratch. When in fact, the bank now has its data secured, backed up, and ready for confronting any challenges the future may hold.


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